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The Acupuncture Room


What is Counselling?

Holistic counselling is an integrative approach to psychotherapy that treats the whole person: mind, body, heart, and spirit. 

Holistic therapy goes beyond putting a bandaid on your symptoms and strives to create long-term healing and wellness by addressing the root cause of your challenges, using traditional psychology methods along with alternative healing modalities. 


There are many benefits to holistic counselling. This type of therapy can help you to:


  • Heal childhood wounds

  • Reduce stress

  • Live a life of meaning and purpose rather than just getting by

  • Build healthy and deeply fulfilling relationships

  • Feel more balanced, authentic, and empowered

  • Truly love yourself and your life

If you're looking for an approach to therapy that will help you heal on a deep level and create lasting change in your life, holistic therapy can help.

The Acupuncture Room

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The Acupuncture Room
The Acupuncture Room


"Kelsey is incredible! She is so calming, caring and she is a healer. I first went to her because I was getting constant headaches, but about a day and a half after she gave me cupping and acupuncture, my headaches basically disappeared. After experiencing nearly instant relief of my problem that had been bugging me for months, I started seeing her every few weeks for maintenance work and to iron out other things. My experiences with her made me a true believer in her practice and I think she is amazing at what she does."

Samantha K.

The Acupuncture Room


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