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The Acupuncture Room

Holistic + Botanical Facials

Facials at The Remedy Room

This customized facial is a beautifying skin treatment that cleanses pores, exfoliates dead skin cells, hydrates and moisturizes the skin, and treats common skin concerns with a customized regime. Treatments are designed to boost the immediate appearance and overall health and longevity of the skin. Megan uses plant- based  products sourced from Vancouver Island, and uses soothing massage techniques to encourage relaxation. 


There are many benefits to facials. This type of therapy can help you to:


  • Reduces Fine Lines and wrinkles

  • Anti-aging

  • Rest and Relaxation for the nervous system

  • Facials provide deep(er) exfoliation than you can achieve at home

  • Feel more balanced, authentic, and empowered

  • A facial clean the pores on a much deeper level to help with acne, rosacea or other skin conditions

Facials are ideal once a month unless you have a specific skin concern you are trying to overcome (acne, hyper-pigmentation, etc), then you may need to come in for a series of treatments. The reason behind getting monthly facials is that your stratum corneum (the outermost layer of visible skin) will completely renew itself approximately every 28 days. In this time your skin cells are constantly being replicated from the treated cells to replace the old cells. If you give your skin a head start (i.e. a great facial) your skin cells will begin to replicate the now healthier cells and thus give you a better complexion. Also, most skin products can take up to 6-8 weeks to start to treat active skin cells, but by speeding up the renewal process with a facial you can make these products work faster and more effectively.

The Acupuncture Room

The Remedy Room

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The Acupuncture Room
The Acupuncture Room


"Kelsey is incredible! She is so calming, caring and she is a healer. I first went to her because I was getting constant headaches, but about a day and a half after she gave me cupping and acupuncture, my headaches basically disappeared. After experiencing nearly instant relief of my problem that had been bugging me for months, I started seeing her every few weeks for maintenance work and to iron out other things. My experiences with her made me a true believer in her practice and I think she is amazing at what she does."

Samantha K.

The Acupuncture Room


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