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What is Massage?

Most people are familiar with massage but if you have any questions regarding treatment please give our office a call at 250-800-7738. For now here are a few fun facts about Massage Therapy below!

Fun Facts :

1. Massage may be the oldest form of medical care – Egyptian tomb paintings show people being massaged.

2. As touch is the first sense to develop in humans and the last to fade, there are approximately 5 million touch receptors in our skin – 3,000 alone in a finger tip.

3. Almost one-fourth of adult Americans say they’ve used massage therapy at least one time for pain relief.

4. While the use of massage is growing, the reasons people are turning to massage therapy are also expanding. Of the people surveyed who had at least one massage in the last five years, 31 percent report they did so for health conditions such as pain management, injury rehabilitation, migraine control, or overall wellness. 

5. Any kind of touch stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, can reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure – imagine how good you would feel after a one-hour massage.

6. A study conducted by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine showed that ongoing massage could lower anxiety, reduce pain, and improve grip strength for those that suffer from arthritis. 

7. Research indicates massage therapy can boost immunity and reduce hypertension. 

8. Benefits of prenatal massage include increasing circulation, promoting relaxation, preparing the muscles for childbirth, and enhancing joint flexibility.

9. A recent study by the American Massage Therapy Association showed that in adults with migraine headaches massage therapy decreased the occurrence of headaches, sleep disturbances and distress symptoms. It also increased serotonin levels, believed to play an important role in the regulation of mood, sleep and appetite.

10. The number of hospitals offering massage therapy increased by 30 percent from 2004 to 2006. Sixty-seven percent of those hospitals with massage therapy programs offer massage to their staff for stress management.

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The Acupuncture Room
The Acupuncture Room


"Kelsey is incredible! She is so calming, caring and she is a healer. I first went to her because I was getting constant headaches, but about a day and a half after she gave me cupping and acupuncture, my headaches basically disappeared. After experiencing nearly instant relief of my problem that had been bugging me for months, I started seeing her every few weeks for maintenance work and to iron out other things. My experiences with her made me a true believer in her practice and I think she is amazing at what she does."

Samantha K.

The Acupuncture Room


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