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PMS? Hormone Imbalance? Smooth Your Mood With This Tea

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Mimosa Flower Tea

6 grams Mimosa Flower ‘He Huan Hua’ (Albizzia julibrissinis)

honey (to taste)

Place mimosa flower in a cup and soak in boiling water. Strain. Add honey to taste and drink when cool.


Nourish heart and fortifies the spleen

Resolves depression and moves liver qi

Clears the mind and encourages a cheerful spirit


Upset emotions and troubled mood

Nervous exhaustion

Fatigue and listlessness associated with unsmooth mood

Chest oppression and discomfort


Mental sluggishness

Eye diseases

I also like to mix mimosa flower with various types of green tea. It gives the tea a sweet flavor and has nice benefits for the health.

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