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Why Treat the Feet? Chinese Herbal Foot Soaks

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

The feet are the foundation of the body’s energy system. It’s how we stay grounded. The feet are often overlooked and this is why I like to incorporate this practice into my practice. There are over 72,00 nerve endings in the feet and 6 Chinese Medical meridians (Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen, Kidney, Stomach, Spleen) and like the nerves they all run through the feet, along with over 70 acupuncture points. Your feet replicate the roots of a tree and as time goes by we age and the roots weaken. My goal is to treat the feet to maintain health and help prevent mobility issues later in life.

The foot soaks have shown to have effects on:

- Digestion

- Pain

- Immune system

- Hormones

- Circulation & liver and other metabolic functions

- Fertility

- Menstrual Irregularities and pain

This ancient blend of Chinese medical herbs increases circulation in the heart, reproductive system and extremities to dispel excess dampness (fluid or mucus), relieve pain and regulate the distribution of homeostasis to the body. The nervous system is able to disconnect from the fight or flight mode and then enter into the rest and relax mode which then your body will work on promoting metabolic functioning, antioxidant functioning and regulating the immune system.

Foot Bath Uses

Foot baths have been used historically in China for patients with digestion issues because they increase intestinal absorption; topical use of the herbs are more gentle on the body when absorption issues are present.

Endocrine conditions are regulated by using foot baths because the regulating effects of nitric oxide traveling through tissue helps to regulate all the bodies functions.

Foot baths are also useful for musculoskeletal because many of the herbs in the foot baths are specifically used for pain and muscle, sinew, joint conditions.

Environmentally we live in Canada where the winter’s are harsh cold and damp. Chinese medicine works alongside the seasonal changes and during the winter it is time to support our Qi (energy) by warming our yang from the roots up.

How to use Foot Baths:

  1. Add foot bath bags into a container which reaches above the ankles. If it can cover the calves it will work faster.

  2. Add boiling or hot water to decoct herbs.

  3. Wait until the temperature is okay for you to submerge feet - a good trick is to test on the inside of your elbow as it is a tender area of skin.

  4. Steep your feet for 30 mins, relax to allow the circulation to flow evenly.

  5. Add hot water as it becomes cooler.

  6. After around 30 minutes you should break a light sweat.

  7. Take your feet out while they are still hot. Dry feet thoroughly. Put on some warm socks and get cozy.

Allow sweat to dry being careful to avoid drafts or wind exposure.

Use daily for 3 months for arthritis.

Use daily for hormone balance, fertility, and digestive disorders until symptoms alleviate.

After symptoms alleviate, continue 1-2 times per week for maintenance and health optimization.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or you can find me in clinic at Thuja Wellness.

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