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The Wild Rose Detox Cleanse | My Journey and What I Ate

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

I am feeling good about starting the cleanse! Going into the cleanse I was sick with lung dryness in my chest so this is a perfect time to cleanse the body of all of its toxins. Illness cannot thrive in an alkaline state so this was a kick in the butt for me to get back into healthier eating and a better routine. Typically I eat quite healthy but this summer was a bit of a doozy. We had 4 weddings, camping trips, we went to Seattle to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and numerous beach hangouts. So it was time and just as a PSA this is my second time doing this cleanse. The preparation for the cleanse with getting food ready seemed never ending this time, I think because I wasn't feeling well and it felt like a chore, mid way through the cleanse things were easier. This cleanse could be helpful for you if you are feeling sluggish, fatigued, bloated, headaches, brain fog, unexplained weight gain, loose bowel movements, constipation, and others but to see if it is a good fit for you please consult your healthcare professional. I am preferable to this cleanse because I find you can still eat a lot of different foods and the restrictions are very manageable. For myself I tend to get headaches often and I find while doing this cleanse I do not have any unless I did not drink enough water. Make sure to stay hydrated as you are detoxing and you need to flush it out!

Day 1 - (friday) Breakfast was a smoothie, scrambled eggs with sauteed veg, lunch was a vegetable soup. Dinner tonight was a big veggie stir fry with millet and brown rice noodles (I get them from costco and if you haven't had them get them!), chicken thighs, veggies - I used tumeric, braggs soy sauce (this is not fermented so it is allowed), garlic and ginger to season the dish.

Day 2 - (saturday) For breakfast I ate sauteed veggies, poached egg and a baked potato & a green smoothie, for lunch I ate butternut squash soup, salad, and fruit, dinner is veggies burgers from Oh She Glows with salad.

Day 3 - (sunday) Green smoothie for breakfast with a hard boiled egg, Today I am starving! Lunch was a chicken rice bowl with cabbage and cashew tzatziki, snacking on salted macadamia nuts, scoops of nut butter with apple, crispy chickpeas. For dinner I am having leftover veggie burger and big salad.

Day 3 with terrible body odor, I know the cleanse is working!

Day 4 - (monday) Breakfast is 1 hard boiled egg, green smoothie, butternut squash soup, Lunch is leftover veggie burger with salad, chicken and rice bowl with cabbage and tzatziki for dinner.

Day 5 - (Tuesday) Less hungry today, breakfast 1 hard boiled egg with green smoothie, muesli made with oats, hemp hearts, goji berries, and pear sauce soaked in almond milk overnight, Mid morning butternut squash soup, Lunch I had chicken rice bowl with tzatziki and cabbage. Dinner was baked potato with tzatziki. Tonight I looked at a piece of dark chocolate for 1 hour. I wanted to cheat BUT I didn't, I don't even like chocolate so this was really weird. For a healthy alternative chia pudding would be a nice dessert idea if you are craving sweets on the cleanse.

I feel like I should be done this cleanse already. Bowel movements have been 2-3 per day and watery mush since starting the cleanse. The last time I did the cleanse I remember feeling way more fatigued, this time I am feeling like my energy is better.

Day 6 - Today breakfast is 1 hard boiled egg, green smoothie and butternut squash soup. Lunch is chicken and rice bowl with cabbage and tzatziki.. for the last time lol. Getting sick of the same foods, need to change it up! Tonight my partner cooked dinner and made lemon halibut with bok choy and rice.

Day 7 - (Thursday) Breakfast is 1 hard boiled egg and muesli, lunch I had vegetarian tacos made with "walnut" meat, avocado, lettuce, tomato and bell peppers as toppings in a corn tortilla which was homemade so no additives in it. Dinner I made The Best Vegan Meatballs, from the Minimalist Baker (I Love Her!) with spaghetti squash and marinara sauce. I had to make some modifications for the cleanse so I omitted the nutritional yeast from the vegan parmesan.

Day 8 - (Friday) Breakfast is 1 hard boiled egg, muesli. Lunch is leftover spaghetti squash and vegan meatballs. Dinner is a chicken breast with lemon, broccoli and millet noodles. Uneventful day, really craving going out to eat because I feel tired from the work week.

Day 9 - Breakfast/brunch is sauteed vegetables with tofu and pesto. I made the vegan pesto from Love and Lemons who I also use for a lot of recipes, without the nutritional yeast. I miss nutritional yeast! Normally I don't eat very much dairy so no "nooch" has been a struggle! I have a day off today so I am preparing some more foods for the end of the cleanse. Dinner is ling cod with a bid salad.

Day 10 - Breakfast is the same as yesterday, for lunch I am eating spaghetti squash noodles with some tomato pasta sauce. Snacking on hummus and almond flour crackers (I believe these are allowed, if not oops :/ ) for dinner half a piece of fish and some salad.

Side note - my underarm smell is very sour today, I know that my liver is detoxing by that "sour" smell. Gross but I am happy my body is still excreting the bad stuff.

Day 11 - Back to work so back to my routine of 1 hard boiled egg, muesli, soup for lunch with salad, Dinner is piece of white fish and strawberries for dessert. I also had a brown rice tuna sushi roll for a snack along with macadamia nuts and crispy chickpeas. I felt very hungry today.

Day 12 - Again, hard boiled egg, muesli, soup for lunch.

I have a bit of a headache today, not sure why, trying to drink lots of water today. I have ate more fruit in the past two days so that could possibly cause but it's probably just the natural detox symptoms.

Dinner is a chickpea and lentil curry. Coconut milk is allowed believe it or not, as coconut is actually a nut and not a tropical fruit, who knew!?

YAY the cleanse is over. I am ready to be done. It isn't that difficult as I eat a pretty healthy diet normally but I did miss things like nutritional yeast, honey and maple syrup - for cooking with, and mushrooms as I love mushrooms in different dishes. Generally I am not a huge sweets person but this did make me realize how much sugar gets snuck into things. I have missed a glass of wine on the weekends with dinner as well, maybe that is more a ritual. I did not have huge cravings for alcohol surprisingly but it was nice to take a break and I am going to continue to see how I feel without alcohol. In my day to day I try to avoid gluten as much as possible so that wasn't an issue for me. I am excited to go out for dinner because eating out on this cleanse is virtually impossible, although we don't eat out often it is nice to have the option to when you are feeling lazy after a long week. During the cleanse I find the cooking to be quite boring and monotonous as I am a person who loves using lots of ingredients and changing things up. I feel when I am doing the cleanse I am limited, yet, I shouldn't be because there are so many spices that can be used, but that is just my feeling this time. Overall, I really enjoy doing the Wild Rose Cleanse, my goal this year is to do it every season change. My next one will be after Christmas. I hope this was helpful for you :)


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